Use Article Marketing to Build a Full-Time Income

Use article marketing to build a full time income by writing 20 minutes a day. Does that sound far fetched to you? Well it is easier than you think and very true (I am living proof). You see people use article marketing to promote all sorts of things online and when done correctly you can make a full time income very easily doing so. All you need to do is find a topic that you love and can write or talk about easily. Then once yo have that topic you need to find a product that you can promote for a commission. Some people even create products they promote but for me that is way too much work and takes up too much time.

Then once you have your topic and product all you need to do is write articles and post them on the internet. Of course in the article you will want to convey that you know what you are talking about and that you have some authority on the topic. If you have chosen a topic you have a passion for then it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to write and post the article. Once the article is live with links to your product’s sales page you are done (well there is some promoting of your article you could do to generate more traffic and income but that is for another article).

If you think about it if you write an article and it gets 5-10 clicks a day to your product’s sales page (which is super easy to get) then that is over 2000 clicks a year to your sales page. If your sales page converts 1% of the visitors into buyers then that is 20 sales a year from one article. If you earn $25 per sale then that one article that took 20 minutes to write and post earned you $500. Doesn’t seem like a lot of money at first but remember you only worked 20 minutes and that article is promoting your sales page every day. Imagine if you wrote one article a day for a month. For 20 minutes a day you could earn easily over $1000/month.

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Get Paid Today: Online Surveys

The beauty about online surveys is that anyone can take them. Well, almost anyone. You will need some basic reading skills. Many sites require you to be 18 years or older. However, there are online surveys that are looking for the teenage demographic, and they will pay 14 years-old and up.

I remember when I was a kid that I’d go to the mall like any teenager would. We’d roam around looking at merchandise, eating fast food, and seeing what other friends showed up that day. There was this research company that would pay us $20 for our time. I thought I had struck gold. My opinion on soda, chips, and all sorts of teen things mattered.

This just goes to show that research depends on certain demographics. The best thing about this is that the college student, stay-at-home mom, and teenager all have a voice that research marketers want to hear.

You can make a few hundred dollars a month if you try. For a teenager or college student, this is enough income to get by. You don’t have to get a job at the local burger joint and beg for time off during homecoming.

For moms, this is the perfect opportunity to make some extra money while the baby sleeps. Sometimes, getting a “real” job nets the same amount of money as online surveys after you subtract the cost of gas and daycare. Anyway, the time you spend with your children is priceless.

To get started taking online surveys, look around and see what people are saying about different survey companies. Sign up with a variety of companies. After that, all you need is a computer and a nice place to sit for a few minutes and take your survey.

Be honest and take your time to thoughtfully answer your questions.

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How To Capitalize On The Growth of Twitter

It’s no secret that Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds each day. In fact Twitter is currently doubling in size every 90 days! With that kind of growth Twitter is estimated to have over 50,000,000 users by Christmas 2009. Just turn on the TV, read the newspaper, or listen to the radio and all you hear about is “Follow me on Twitter” from all of the announcers. There is no way this is not a coincidence.

This growth of Twitter is just the VERY beginning of the Twitter wave ladies and gentlemen. There are a ton of different ways you can use this cool and simple little application.

I have been on Twitter for several months now (you can follow me here and I love it. I happen to like the fact that it’s:

a) FREE traffic to my blog and other landing pages
b) Very effective at list building
c) Very effective at driving FREE traffic to my blog or websites that I earn commissions from

In this crazy economical recession we find ourselves in, people are turning in droves to the internet to find an alternative to the once coveted “job security”. Most people are recognizing that the only security they have is themselves.

So, if you are not on Twitter yet, don’t miss this opportunity, take action. Let me teach you all that I know about Twitter in 14 simple to follow Twitter Tutorial Videos.

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Stay at Home Mom Jobs that Actually Pay

Stay at home mom jobs used to have a bad rep mostly due to pre-Internet times. Many people still believe that these jobs consist of stuffing thousands of envelopes a day to make some money or becoming a sales consultant for cosmetics, driving around a pink Cadillac.

It’s just not true anymore. Honestly, I don’t think much envelope stuffing even happens these days since the dawning of the Internet. Direct mail marketing techniques are a waste of money when everyone goes online to find what they’re looking for.

Now think about it. Who would be better disciplined to take on a job that offers a flexible schedule, multi-tasking, and an opportunity to work at home? This is the reason that the topic of stay at home mom jobs is so hot right now. Work from home moms are a resilient and dedicated labor pool to hire from.

Moms looking for work are caught in a catch-22 (either choice seems to have a negative effect). After they send the kids to daycare, their net earnings deplete to practically nothing. Yet, if they don’t get back to work, the family won’t be able to survive. These moms are eager to work, but they need something that’s flexible.

Perhaps, this is the reason that stay at home mom jobs pop up all over the Internet. These real jobs need someone who will honestly dedicate some time and energy to his or her job, not someone looking for the next get-rich-quick gimmick.

Stay at home mom jobs that pay include:

  • Paid Surveys – not a lot, but it sure will pay the electric bill and allow for some stress relief
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Writing

Check out some of the reviews I have included in my effort to drum up work from home opportunities.

3 Easy Jobs for Pregnant Women Working from Home

Jobs for pregnant women are hard to find. If you’re applying for a job that requires a face-to-face interview, your potential employer may not discriminate. On the other hand, the downturn in the economy means that any position you apply for is highly competitive.

Whom do you think they’ll hire? Someone that is taking a maternity leave and will need to take plenty of time off for doctor’s visits or the person that is similarly qualified that is not a pregnant mom looking for a job. Obviously, it’s unethical to make a decision based on this, but the sad reality is that it plays a factor even if on a subconscious level.

Fortunately, more opportunities for work at home moms or moms-to-be have opened up. It’s much more than doing at-home-parties or stuffing envelopes. These positions lead to a career in the field of writing, marketing, business, and data entry.

1. Content Writer – This is a great job for the person who loves to write. There are plenty of website developers looking to hire someone to write quality content. This huge field covers everything including blogging, social media, and webpages.

2. Affiliate Marketing – If you’ve been in the field of marketing or wanted to be, this job’s for you. The opportunities are endless including techniques such as PPC (pay per click), CPA (cost per action), and attraction marketing.

3. Paid Surveys – A great way to get your foot in the door and figure out what’s hot in Internet Marketing. You won’t make a fortune at this, but it could bring in an extra few hundred dollars a week. Make sure you fill out the entire registration forms, so they can send out surveys from several different areas of your demographic.

Finding jobs for pregnant women is easier than you think, if you do a little research on the ‘Net. To get started with programs that are designed for moms and pregnant women click here

Moms Work from Home: Join the Team

More moms work from home than ever. Why’s this? The evolution of the Internet makes it all possible. I would venture to say that work at home moms are the backbone to quality content online. Whether you decide to dip your toes in paid online surveys or go full force in affiliate marketing, online moms work from home.

Here are a few things moms do to earn a living from home and still spend precious moments with the kids.

• Study the industry.

Become an expert in your industry. If you are creating websites, writing blogs, or signing up for the latest MLM opportunity, read up. Try to spend at least 30 minutes a day learning about the industry. Join forums so you can be up to date on the latest trends and regulations.

• Know your competition.

If you can, try to experience the competition from the consumer end. Buy something. What did you like about it? Use both good and bad examples to build up your business venture.

• Do something you’re passionate about.

What do you spend your time doing? Many moms work from home and base their business on what they know. That could be parenting, caring for animals, or working out. What do you love?

Do you like shopping? (online surveys) Do you keep a journal? (write content) Do you like to network among your other mother friends? (affiliate marketing)

• Who’s your audience?

Your audience could be teenagers, working class dads, stay at home moms, or college students. The possibilities are endless. Go online and see how people cater to different demographics. Read a marketing book.

More moms work from home than ever before. Get online and check it out. Work at home moms are a lively bunch that are eager to tell you about their experiences and help you out.

There are thousands of websites and programs that say they offer work or jobs for moms but unfortunately many do not cater to the special needs of moms. To see programs that are specifically designed for moms click here.

How to Find Mystery Shopper Jobs

Mystery shopper jobs aren’t just a myth. They really do exist! There are marketing companies out there that will pay for your night out on the town or your next shopping spree. Most major cities offer mystery shopper jobs at chain stores, banks, restaurants, and retail stores. Go out with your friends for shopping and a bite to eat–free.

As major companies expand and programs change, the need for mystery shoppers rises. Vacancies open up due to mystery shoppers moving or quitting; and also, those who aren’t timely with the review of their experience or thorough in the description of their experience may be replaced with someone willing to try harder.

Here’s how it goes. You go to the store or restaurant. Keep track of your experience. Save your receipts. Then, you turn everything in for reimbursement (yes, you get to keep the product). It’s a great way to make some extra money and have fun.

You’ll find a lot more jobs in larger cities, but the competition for these positions is stiff. In a less populated area, you may find yourself in demand. If you do a good job, the companies and schedulers will give you as much work as they can.

There are no pre-qualifications. You just need to be attentive and dependable. If you can follow directions, you can mystery shop. On the other hand, if you have experience in hospitality, retail, or customer service, make sure you let the company know.

If you don’t have computer access available, mystery shopping jobs are harder to keep up with. Most of the correspondence is done online. This is where you will see recruiting, assignments posted, and reports completed.

You can join as many mystery shopping companies as you want. The more you join, the more chances you receive assignments. Keep your eyes wide open for quality mystery shopping jobs that pay on time and have plenty of jobs available in your area.

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