Work at Home – How to get started

You have a job that keeps you busy from 9 – 5 every Monday thru Friday, or maybe even 8-6. You have bills to pay, and want to enjoy life a little bit by taking vacations with your friends or family, or just relaxing. The problem is that your job is not allowing you to do just that.  Does this sound familiar?

Question – In this picture who do you consider the “Successful Man”?

Successful Man??

For most people the man in the car on his cell phone is considered successful.  This is because the car and tech devices likes iPhones have become status symbols.  Reality is to get these things you have to work hard, usually at a job.

The problem with this is with a job you can’t live the lifestyle you want because your job pays you for your time. To earn the money you need to buy the car and cell phone you have to work more hours. But the more hours you work the less time you have to enjoy your toys, family, and friends. You usually spend more time in traffic like this poor guy commuting to your job.

So to avoid this deadly cycle you decide that you are going to start making a bit of extra cash by working at home. Trouble is where do you start?

Well, if you are like most people you will start by going to Google and search for “” or “”.  Doing this you quickly realize that there are tens of thousands of websites offering work at home solutions.

Which ones to choose?? How do you determine which work at home opportunities are legitimate and which ones are scams?

Work at home directory sites are great places to start. The directories do the prescreening for you and weed out the scams and poor performers. The directory sites will also often group the offers into categories that will assist you in finding the work at home program that is right for you.

Some of the popular work at home categories are:

  • Work at Home Moms (WAHM)
  • Paid Online Surveys
  • Data Entry Work
  • Home Business Opportunities
  • Free Work At Home
  • Network Marketing (MLM)
  • Part Time Work

Before you get started determine what type of work at home you want to do and then narrow your focus to that category. Working at home can be exciting and very rewarding. It allows you to reach your goals and have a balanced life. The key is finding the opportunity that is right for you, is legitimate and fits your lifestyle.

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