The Reality of Business Opportunity Leads

You could almost say there’s a fever pitch out there when it comes to work from home opportunities, and a high percentage of the businesses that are categorized as these opportunities are network marketing companies, otherwise known as MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). If you decide to try to make a go of an MLM, you will quickly hear your sponsor talk to you about business opportunity lead sources that will help you grow you business.

Business opportunity leads are also sometimes referred to as biz/op leads and what they are is a listing of people who are actively searching for a business opportunity that they can work from home. These leads have at least a name and an email address, if they came from an internet source, or a name and phone number, and sometimes these leads will have complete information including name, email, phone and street address.

There are numerous companies that offer to sell you business opportunity lead lists of people they say are looking for legitimate work from home businesses, and sometimes the person on the list is looking for just that very thing. However, many lead generation companies entice people to sign up, or opt-in, to their lists by offering high-dollar “freebies” in exchange for their personal information. The problem is that only after they have revealed their information do they find that they must “qualify” to receive the “free” offer, or must go through page after page after page of offers until they lose interest or get frustrated.

The dirty little secret is that the personal information that was entered in an effort to get their free item ends up being sold and if they happened to click a survey question in those may pages of offers that somehow, even remotely, related to a home based business, they landed on a biz/op lead list.

The good news is that not all business opportunity lead vendors operate in this underhanded way. On the internet you will find many links and advertisements and banners that take you to a page that talks about the benefits of and gives you an opportunity to enter your contact details in order to receive more information about the work from home opportunity. People who respond to these kinds of advertisements can actually turn out to be valuable leads and potential partners in your new business.

The reality is that with anything that involves any type of sales, even the soft and friendly sales of your network marketing company, comes down to a numbers game. Business opportunity leads can result in finding a new person to join your business, but know that you will have to go through dozens of them to find the gem.

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