Free Money Online – How to Make It

free_money.jpgSome of the best things in life are free, such as friends, family, love, smiles, laughs. When people say that phrase they never say money because money is not free…..unless you can make money for free online. Now that, in my book, is one of the best things in life – making money for free.

This post is going to show you a way to do just that – make money for free online. You can do this using some of the most powerful websites online today for free.

Have you ever used MySpace or at least visited MySpace? If not then you have left good money at the table without even knowing it. MySpace and Facebook are sites know as Social Network Websites and have become the best free money making opportunities today.

The key to success on MySpace and Facebook, as well as any other social website is relevancy. You don’t want to go off and plaster your Facebook profile or MySpace site with blatant ads. This will upset your visitors and probably result in a loss of sales.

All you need to do is find groups of people that are looking for information on your product or business. You can use the search features on these sites to find these groups – it is that easy. Once you find them participate in the groups discussions with high quality information.

As time goes by you can start offering your product or business as a solution to their problems. With more participation in the group you will start to be seen as an expert and people will trust you as an authority on the topic.

If you can’t find a group on these sites that would be relevant to your product or business then either decide if your product even has a market and you should move onto another product. Or, start a group of your own and hope that others will find you.

Remember, if you are willing to build trust with people by helping them with their problems you will have their attention. When people trust you, they are listening what you have to say, and when they trust and listen they buy what you recommend to them.

Just to be clear, MySpace and Facebook are not advertising sites. People do not join them to be sold to. You want to use these sites for what they are; being social with others. Blatantly selling your products on these sites will get you labeled as a spammer very quickly.

All you need to be is honest and helpful. Find groups or people who have a problem or issue and help them solve it without selling. Over time those that you help will tell others about you and before you know it you will be an “expert” on the problem. And experts are expected to provide products that can solve an issue. If you master this you will be making money for free online in no time.

You can learn this tip and many more free ways to make money online for free from a 19 year old college kid who makes a full time income online.  His book is called Space Bankers and if you are interested in making money online you need to read this book – the information is so easy to follow and do even….well a teenager can do it.

If you are on Facebook please check out our Top Work From Home Facebook Page and become a fan.

2 responses to “Free Money Online – How to Make It

  1. MySpace I found to be very spammy and sometimes outright crude from the solicitations I got, even with my personal filters set high.

    On the other hand, I’ve found facebook to be very helpful in meeting others of similar outlook, interest in business and genuinely friendly. Social networking can be a very good thing.

  2. I am a newbie so thanks for that info. Am with Facebook so will check out Top Work From Home Facebook page.

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