Why does everyone hate John Reese?

I love to learn and one of the ways I keep on top of what is going on in the marketing world and internet business is by following the industry leaders.  The easiset way to follow the learders is to subscribe to thier newsletters.

Well yesterday my email box was full of messages from almost all of those people I follow and most of them told me that they hated John Reese.  And I have to say I can’t disagree with them more.

The reasons they hate John vary but the jist of the messages were around John’s current promotion for his update of his very popular Traffic Secrets program.  This is the program that John launched over 4 years ago that genereated a ton of buzz in the industry because it was the first product launched that did $1 million in sales in one day.

Like I said John is planning on releasing his Traffic Secrets 2.0 next week.  In anticipation to the launch John is putting out some awesome free videos with a ton of awesome content.  I think that content and quality of the videos is the reason all the others are upset with John.  You see the videos are so good and the content so powerful that these other people can no longer charge for thier information because John is giving it away for free.  Plus his videos are so much better then their stuff that they now have to rework all thier information products.

I guess if I was in their shoes I too would be a bit upset but I see it in another point of view.  I love free content and seeing the bar being raised.  This will just make it better for all of us who want to learn from the leaders because now the quality of information is being forced to improve.

Thank you John Reese!

If you want to see the videos John recently put out here is his site –> Traffic Secrets 2.0

2 responses to “Why does everyone hate John Reese?

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