Affiliate Marketing Strategy – you have to have one!

One of the biggest mistakes made by novice affiliates is diving into their marketing campaign without a solid affiliate marketing strategy. What does it mean to have a strategy, and why is it so important? These are the questions we’ll examine in this article.

Any affiliate marketing strategy worth its salt will cover multiple levels of planning. In other words, your strategy should include things like: how you will present your offer to your market, how you will drive market traffic to your web site, how you will convert your customers.


Quite simply, you must learn to think of the entire sales chain from beginning to end. Conversion is crucial to each step in the process.

For example, getting someone to click on your pay-per-click advertisement should be considered a `conversion’ because the individual has taken the desired action of clicking an ad that leads to your site.

Once that visitor reaches your site, you must determine how you will convert them into `leads.’ Typically, you’ll capture the visitor’s name and email address to an opt-in list. In order to do this, you need a strategy for creating an attractive opt-in page offer.

Yet another strategy comes into play when you’ve gotten the lead onto your list. Your follow up email series must be designed to convert that lead into a customer.

However, conversions on new leads will not make up the bulk of your profits. If you desire serious affiliate income, you also need a post-sale follow up strategy. What types of follow up offers will you send to your list of existing customers? This is important because the repeat customers are really your bread and butter.

Finally, think about how to expand your affiliate business. Do you want to remain in the same market niche indefinitely? If not, consider your long-term strategy. You can replicate your current affiliate model into another niche.

This will add an additional stream of income to your bottom line, and is a great long-term strategy for building your own affiliate empire.

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One response to “Affiliate Marketing Strategy – you have to have one!

  1. Working at home is a dream for a lot of different people. I’ve seen people start out pursuing their dreams of work at home with the Internet end up falling flat because they either have an idea, maybe even the technological know how, but they’ve narrowed their vision to one method of making money: selling products online.

    I am a HUGE fan of online businesses, but for those of you who don’t know what the next big idea is, read on, I’m going to show you what you can do to broaden your online business vision and make money online instead of set up a product site and hope to make a sale. It is not too difficult for someone to put together a money making site, you just need to adjust the way that you think and the way you see the Internet.

    So let’s start with this question: What is it that you want when you are online? Put yourself in the shoes of the millions of search engine visitors – ask the question again, what is it that I want when I’m searching online? The answer is this: 1) Information and/or 2) to buy something.

    So give people what they want!

    It may sound simple, but newbie online marketers have laser focused themselves on product sales and therefore cut themselves off of another means of making money – advertising. There are alot of ways to make money advertising on your site – most people will sell banner space, but you have to have a site that has a certain level of traffic before you are seen as a viable advertising website.

    If you want a way to start using your homepage as a means of advertising, you need to sign up for affiliate programs and get yourself a Google Adsense account. If you have a website and you don’t post affiliate offers and Google Adsense ads, you are missing out on a lot of potential cash and giving your website visitors what they want. If people knew how much money Google is paying out EVERY MONTH in Adsense revenue or how much affiliates are willing to pay simply for posting a link to their products on your website, online business owners would stop focusing solely on how to sell the latest as seen on TV gadget, and start putting out related affiliate product offers as well.

    Take a look at these sites for ideas on layout, affiliate offer presentation, Adsense layout, and know that sites like these ones are making hundreds of dollars a month, simply by broadening the website focus to meet the needs of the website visitor.

    This is NOT DIFFICULT! Now that you have the idea, run with it and start giving yourself alternate ways to make an online income.

    If you have any questions about this method of marketing on your site, please email me at – I’m tired of seeing good people’s dreams getting trashed simply because the experience and vision of online marketing was not there. Take advantage of online advertising and start working on your own success today.

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