Size Does Not Matter When Taking On Google

I’ve got a question for you:

How can a small corner shop survive over 30 years through every economic crash yet several major high street retail outlets come and go each year?

I was speaking to a local shop owner in my home town the other day and I asked him how he was going to cope with the economic downturn we’re all currently facing.

He looked at me and smiled…

“I don’t need to worry about that, I own all the business in the area for what I sell”.

To which I replied…

“But how do you compete with all the major retail outlets in the big city?”

He smiled once more and said….

“Well you know what, they are nowhere to be seen around here and most people come to me because it’s more convenient and quicker to get what they want”.

This had me thinking about online marketing. The reason why so many retail stores in the big cities end up folding within a year is because they are back to back with the giants. They simply get overshadowed and die a painful death.

But out of the city, there are still a lot of people around but there’s less competition. Furthermore, these people prefer to just go 5 minutes down the street and get what they want from someone they trust.

Online, YOU can be the small shop owner that is put right in front of hundreds or thousands of people looking for what you’re selling.


It’s simple really; you just need to get your site found for less competitive keywords where there is little competition yet still people searching for what you sell.

It’s easier than you think and when you have lots of little “shops” all stacked up around the block, you’ll soon see how easy it is to get the lion’s share of the business in any market you choose.

So instead of paying for expensive, high competition keywords or trying to stand out in a cluster of competitive giants, why not try a different approach?

That’s what I love about Secret Affiliate Code 2, because you can do all of this and more with pretty much ZERO budget and you’ll quickly find that you are able to survive this so called “economic downturn” by creating your own empire of local shops that people LOVE.

Go dominate Google today with Secret Affiliate Code 2.

If you would like to learn more about Secret Affiliate Code 2 then read my review where I cover the good and the bad here: Secret Affiliate Code Review

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