Honest Review of Opportunity.com

After a long wait and much buzz the internet’s true master marketer, John Reese, has finally opened his new training program called Opportunity.com. This site is for affiliate marketers. But the questions are : Is it worth the money? What are the advantages of using it? Any disadvantages?

But before we get to Opportunity.com let’s take a quick look at who John Reese is:

Who Is John Reese?

John Reese is a marketing genius who has quietly been marketing online since prior to the birth of the Internet. He is a well-rounded marketer who has successfully exploited countless niches, been actively involved with eBay (in fact, he even profited $38,450.27 from one auction) and is an expert in traffic generation and conversion.

One of these projects was a free photo-hosting service for eBay users that John started in 1998. This service (due to a powerful Viral Marketing “twist”) became one of the Top 500 sites in the world for web traffic in only 10 months after it was launched. This little service used to consistently produce in excess of $100K/month in affiliate commissions from a variety of affiliate programs. Not bad for a service that John created for less than $350.

After his success John started reaching out and helping others reach his level of success. In March 20004, he held a sold-out , $4500 a pop seminar where he, as he refers to it, “spilled his guts” for 3 straight days.
On August 17, 2004, John Reese shocked the Internet marketing world and pulled in over $1,000,000 in sales in less than 24 hours (18 to be exact) for the launch of a new product — and he did it without spending one penny on advertising!

Since that day John has been responsible for helping thousands of people earn millions online. John has earned millions of dollars in affiliate commissions and started Opportunity.com to help anyone start and grow an Affiliate Marketing business.

What is Opportunity.com?

Opportunity.com is introduced as affiliate marketing training program and resource tool box which promises a great model to create an online business. To some this model may not be new, for others it’s a valuable knowledge. Essentially, this strategy is based around the most lucrative Internet marketing model – email marketing.

The model is simple – build your mailing list by giving away free stuff or bonuses, then send out promotions to your list over time. The key elements are building the list in first place, then strategically sending out the promotions. Opportunity.com teaches how to do this the right way that produces results and sales vs the wrong way that gets you listed as a spammer or worse.

But that’s not why it caught my eye. There’s nothing special in this method and with some time spent researching and trial and error, you could learn that for free on your own. Or get some cheap course on that (although Opportunity.com is quite cheap itself). The reason why it’s so special is because John and his team have put together inside Opportunity.com a directory of the best and only the best affiliate offers. That means the offers are tested and you will know that every single of them converts and is worth promoting. Not only that, those offers will come with reports giving you insight how to promote them. That info is something you want to have as an affiliate. With this list it is easy to make money because you don’t have to spend money testing your advertising on an offer to see if or how it converts into sales. That alone can save you thousands of dollars and hours of time.

So to recap, Opportunity.com provides:

* Affiliate, e-mail marketing training
* Directory of only proven affiliate offers
* Market intelligence for effective offer promotion
* New offer alert system

The Good

* It has comprehensive training.
* The offer directory with market reports is really a unique and powerful service. It’s valuable for any affiliate, beginner or advanced, even for the experts. It’s literally half the job done for you.

The Bad

* Even though Opportunity.com seems like a great opportunity (no pun intended), there will always be a group of people that it’s just not for them. For one, if you’re not doing affiliate marketing (and just selling your products, for example), only the e-mail marketing part would be of use to you, but that would be overpaying. And if you consider market research to be your forte, you may find it redundant, unless of course you want this job outsourced.

The Conclusion

Opportunity.com is a great service, and I want to emphasize that word. It’s a service that aims to help you in your affiliate endeavors. And knowing that such a figure as John Reese is behind it, you can expect that John will over deliver on his promises – he always does. If you are at all interested in making money online then you need to check out Opportunity.com.

Official website: Opportunity.com

What is Your Review of Opportunity.com?

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