4 Cruitial Steps To Page 1 On Google

It’s the most coveted position to be in, it’s also the most lucrative when you’ve got something to sell or a red hot topic to discuss with ways to earn revenue through simple Adsense ads or affiliate programs listed on your page…

…I am of course, talking about being on page #1 on Google.

It’s also very hard for many search terms, due to the inability to know what factors will propel you to such a lucrative position.

However, even though we don’t know Google’s complex code for how it decides to rank pages in its listings, we do know enough to find our own way there by using some tried and tested techniques, all thanks to the growth of Web 2.0, advanced keyword tools and some timeless SEO principles that cannot be denied by any search engine…

Step 1 – Make your site shine first

Your website needs to be easy to navigate, easy to read and interact with and of course have some quality, unique content. There’s plenty of ways to create websites on the fly these days and in terms of ease of use I would recommend using a Word Press blog installed on your domain to make the site good looking, easy to navigate and of course search engine friendly.

Step 2 – Add quality content

This is what the web is all about and you’ll find that the most valuable and worthwhile content will always find its way to the top of the search engines for relevant terms all on its’ own. People will naturally link to your site, plus the more content you add, the more chances you’ll have of being found on hundreds of different keyword searches.

Step 3. Target some good keywords

When creating content, target specific keywords that you want to be found for. The more competitive keywords may be hard to rank for at first (whilst your site is still new and has no authority) but you can get found for less competitive keywords with a little effort. You should include the keywords in your page title, opening paragraphs and throughout the entire page. You might want to include the keyword in the Meta descriptions too, although there’s less evidence that this actually makes a difference these days.

Step 4. Keyword rich back links

This is the biggie in terms of getting ranked well, especially for your chosen keyword phrases.

There’s a difference between getting some simple links back to your home page, and having other authority sites linking back to your page using proper keyword rich anchor text to specific pages on your site. This is an example of a bad link back to your site:

Check out this person’s site at http://thispersonssite.com

And this is an example of a great keyword rich, anchor link to your site for maximum SEO benefits:

Check out this person’s site <a href=”http://thispersonssite.com”>My Main Targeted Keyword Phrase That I Want To Rank For Goes Here</a>

Can you see the difference?

Ultimately, don’t fall for the hype about SEO and overnight rankings. The reality is, the most stable rankings will take time to appear but once they are there, you can expect a lot of traffic and sales as a result.

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