Make Them Eat Up Your Words

Do you think it’s easy to get a few hundred visitors to your blog or website every day?

Well, if you answered yes, then this post is probably not going to interest you.

If however, you find that getting a ton of traffic is far easier said than done, then it’s time to get the record straight once and for all…

You see, I used to think that the reason we struggle to get traffic is because there is so much competition and not enough people to go around! That’s silly really when you realize just how many people there are online every day, looking for what you’re selling.

So it came to my understanding that it’s not lack of people, it’s a lack of service to those people. Let me explain…

When you walk down your local street which has lots of shops, restaurants on it, which ones make you step inside?

Well, first of all it would be the ones that are specifically selling what you want right?

Ok, that makes sense. But what if you walked down another street which was full of restaurants that were all Italian? How would you decide which one to go eat at?

Well, there are two things:

1. Recommendation (friends tell you to go there)
2. Social Proof (you see other people inside looking happy)

So, just like a restaurant relies on these two aspects to get traffic through their doors, so does every single business online.

This means, if you want your blog to become a traffic magnet, you need to:

1. Have other people talk about how cool your site is
2. Have some kind of interaction with your visitors to show new comers that they are not alone

How to do this:

1. Create killer content (gets people talking)
2. Add visitor counters, comments, forums, polls, surveys, reviews to your blog so that people know that they are not the first in though the door.

Now, adding polls, comments etc is easy. It’s just a case of turning on a script in your blog. But as for content, well that’s a different matter.

After all, how do you create it, keep adding it, and let people know about it and maintain this momentum for months on end?

The truth is, this is just one of the aspects covered in Blogging to the Bank 3.0. Once you’ve got the content aspect nailed (which is one of the first things Rob Benwell, the creator, teaches you, then it’s a simple case of following his simple step by step system to attract more people to your blog every single day, which then makes EVEN MORE people from the outside want to know what all the fuss is about over at your blog.

Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself being that restaurant that everybody wants to kick back at with a nice drink, warm seats and good company… capiche?

So why not check out Rob’s story and see if he can’t help you get to that point this year, not next year or the year after that….THIS YEAR.

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