You Need A Blog – Here Is Why

If you don’t know what a blog is, then you just haven’t been paying attention. Or probably what’s more likely the case is you have seen blogs, but just didn’t recognize them. The later is probably what has actually happened. Blogs don’t look like they used to. Thanks to the amazing versatility of WordPress, the premier blogging software, a blog can look like a classic straight up and down blog, an online magazine, or even a static sales page.

Now, that you know what a blog looks like, let’s talk about what one is and the power of blogging.

Blogs started as a way of people keeping a sort of online journal. The idea was you could write a post today and it would show up at the top of the blog, shifting the other posts down by one. You could share whatever you were doing with the world.

Businesses, especially online businesses, soon realized the immense power of blogs. Because blogs have a communication feature which lets readers leave comments, you can really build an online community with a blog. You can see how this would work well with a number of businesses.

As blogging software became more and more flexible, however, blogs started morphing into a variety of types of website, static sites, sites with multiple authors, ecommerce sites, and online newspapers.

Because of this versatility, blogs can address multiple issues with your audience. They can provide a means of communication and community building. They can give whatever you’re selling an aura (either real or manipulated) of authenticity. They can take a one person business and make them “look” like a large corporation-at least online.

All of the above is reason enough to build a blog. But there are more, perhaps even more important, reasons you absolutely must have a blog.

You must have a blog because:

  1. They can easily be used to advertise a product or service
  2. They are easily fitted with opt-in forms that can acquire your visitors’ email addresses so you can market to them or communicate with them over a period of time
  3. Google loves blogs. By their very nature, blogs are easily spidered by search engines.
  4. Blogs are absurdly easy to build. With the number of themes available for WordPress, you can design a blog for virtually any purpose and it will look like a professional web designer did it
  5. Blogging can really help your visitors feel like they know you. With that familiarity, trust will build. So will your brand!Blogging to the Bank

Blogs are here to stay. They are without doubt the wave of the future. So much so, that the days of getting a static website up and running are coming to a close. In the not too distant future, every site made will either be a blog, or will have blogging capabilities.
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