$1000 A Month Blog Could Be Yours

Surely you’ve thought about how cool it would be to make money online. I mean, how could anything be better than having a website that just pours money into your bank account month in and month out?

Think this is something you can’t achieve? That it’s only for “geeks”, or experienced internet marketers?

Think again! Building a website and getting it to the point you make several hundred or even $1,000 per month out of it is entirely within the realm of possibilities. A ten year old could do it, if she knew how.

Let’s learn how.

Here are 5 steps you can follow to start creating your money making, blog empire.

  1. Choose a product or niche that really interests you. Blogging is about communicating. You’re going to be writing posts on this subject for months to come. Preferably, you’ll be posting once per day, at the minimum three times per week. If you haven’t chosen something you can really sink your teeth into, you’re going to get bored, stop writing, and all your efforts will be for nothing.
  2. Do your keyword research. You can write as much as you want as well as you want, but if your visitors can’t find you in the search engines, nobody’s coming to your blog. No traffic = no money, and you surely don’t want that! You can use Google’s External Keyword Tool to do your keyword research. Just type in your top level keyword (something like “dog training”) and see what the tool tells you. Narrow your choice down some, then download a list of 100 or so keywords to your computer. Use those as titles for your posts and also as the keywords your posts are optimized around.
  3. Make sure you give your readers good, reliable information. A blog positions you as the “expert”. This is a two-edged sword. You can build your reputation in your niche or destroy it just as effectively. Make sure your double check the information you’re giving your readers. Also, don’t just write fluff. Even though you need to be posting on a regular basis, it would be better not to post than to write junk.
  4. It bears repeating that you need to update your blog frequently. Some top bloggers post several times a day. They find good, useful information and get it out to their readers as soon as possible. That way, they build a following of readers who either bookmark their blog, or subscribe to it in their RSS reader.
  5. Stay on topic. Even if you’re writing about something that you’re totally passionate about, it’s tempting to throw other stuff in. In some niches, this might work. Sometimes personal information about what you did and where you went is appropriate. One of the top bloggers, John Chow, often puts pictures of the meals he eats in fancy restaurants on his blog. He writes a blog about internet marketing, and food has nothing to do with it. But it’s a sort of signature of his. You can do this, but don’t just meander. Your readers come to your blog for specific information and insights. Make sure you satisfy them.

Making money off of a blog that has traffic is much easier than making money off of a blog with no traffic (which is impossible). Build up your traffic first, then work on better and better monetization strategies. Pretty soon, you’ll have an online asset pumping out $1,000 per month. At that point, you can start another blog, or just continue to build up the one you’ve got, if you think there’s still more potential.
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