7 Simple Steps To Making Money With A Blog

Creating and building up a profitable blog is a lot like building a piece of profitable real estate, except a lot easier. Having a steady, passive income source is also great, especially in today’s economy. You can earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars per blog to several thousand. Get a few of these babies up and running and you’ll be making essentially a full time income. Getting from concept to actual realization, however, is not as easy as it sounds. There are literally over 100,000 new blogs created daily! Getting yours to be profitable is not rocket science, but it doesn’t happen without some work. Here are seven steps, which, if followed, can result in your blog becoming a profit spewing money machine.

Step 1: Compile a list of your passions. Figure out what you would be interested in writing about for a year. Is it going to take a year for you to make your blog profitable? No. More like a few months. When it does become profitable, you’ll want to pour on the coal and turn it into a nice money machine. That’ll take several more months. Look at blogging as a year or so long project. If you’re passionate about your subject, however, what easier way could there be to make money?

Step 2: Discover your niche market. This is really a refinement on Step 1. A good resource is Blogcatalog.com . Use this, Technorati, and other resources to help position your blog to be different from others.

Step 3: Start writing articles immediately. The more you write, the more you’re going to write well, and the more your articles are going to interest your readers. Successful blogging is not mainly about pleasing the search engines. It’s about pleasing your readers.

Step 4: Choose a domain with your main keyword phrase in it, hopefully at the beginning. You can use Yahoo! Domains to do this. Also a lot of folks use either GoDaddy.com or Namecheap.com to register domains.

Step 5: Choose a webhost. Make sure your host can deal with WordPress. (Most can, nowadays.) Also, it’s going to be easier on you if your dashboard is cPanel. Another thing to watch out for is to make sure your cPanel has Fantastico, which is one step WordPress installation software.

Step 6: After creating your blog, choose a theme that goes with what you’re writing. Themes are usually free, and there are hundreds to choose from. Start uploading your posts. Also, start working on getting some advertising going on your blog. Set up Google AdSense. Look and see if you can find any good CPA offers that match your niche.

Step 7: Start social bookmarking. Build your social network. Use Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon, and other web 2.0 sites to start getting traffic to your site.

The most important thing you need to understand about blogging is to be patient. A good blog is not grown in a day, week, or even a month. It’s more like six months to a year. Don’t get discouraged, either. Just keep posting good content, marketing your blog, and the traffic will build. With traffic, you’ll also get sales…and money!

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