Stay at Home Mom Jobs that Actually Pay

Stay at home mom jobs used to have a bad rep mostly due to pre-Internet times. Many people still believe that these jobs consist of stuffing thousands of envelopes a day to make some money or becoming a sales consultant for cosmetics, driving around a pink Cadillac.

It’s just not true anymore. Honestly, I don’t think much envelope stuffing even happens these days since the dawning of the Internet. Direct mail marketing techniques are a waste of money when everyone goes online to find what they’re looking for.

Now think about it. Who would be better disciplined to take on a job that offers a flexible schedule, multi-tasking, and an opportunity to work at home? This is the reason that the topic of stay at home mom jobs is so hot right now. Work from home moms are a resilient and dedicated labor pool to hire from.

Moms looking for work are caught in a catch-22 (either choice seems to have a negative effect). After they send the kids to daycare, their net earnings deplete to practically nothing. Yet, if they don’t get back to work, the family won’t be able to survive. These moms are eager to work, but they need something that’s flexible.

Perhaps, this is the reason that stay at home mom jobs pop up all over the Internet. These real jobs need someone who will honestly dedicate some time and energy to his or her job, not someone looking for the next get-rich-quick gimmick.

Stay at home mom jobs that pay include:

  • Paid Surveys – not a lot, but it sure will pay the electric bill and allow for some stress relief
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Writing

Check out some of the reviews I have included in my effort to drum up work from home opportunities.

5 responses to “Stay at Home Mom Jobs that Actually Pay

  1. Home jobs really works..I want to share this story so that others with the same plight may be benefited.I am a single mom and lost my job about 6 months ago. I was desperately trying for a job.
    Fortunately I come across free paid surveys. I thought why not try well, to my surprise I made almost $2000 dollars last month doing online surveys from home.
    I did not pay even a single cent as up front money. This has saved my house from bankruptcy. You can work from home and make a living it does take some time to get up to $2000 a month.
    I made about $500 my first month and this is month 3.This is a paid survey opportunity with no money or credit card needed initially.

  2. I agree, while I didn’t lose my job, my roster was cut from full time to 1 week on, 1 week off. Hard life. I found some reward in online marketing and reaped the benefits. I have now quit my job and dedicated 100% to working from home and have built my own website to spread the word. Reward yourself too with the knowledge on a proven way to earn money online. Make yourself a coffee and visit my site!

  3. Well, if they don’t get back to work, the family won’t be able to survive.

  4. but you have to give full time on the online marketing then can sure get is full time concentration job.

  5. It jobs is awesomely correct
    You must give 100% of your strenghts, or you will fail
    You will fail
    Comitmment , never give up, and you ll make it.

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